Mark Charitan's  new CD  "Life As I See It"  A collection of Songs About Life Written And Performed as a solo project, bare bones, easy to understand, cutting to the chase,  drawn from true feelings of a man who grew up in an ever changing world. From black & white TV with 3 channels, a party line telephone. To this over the top technical wonderland that we all share today.

No overdubs, no added anything, recorded in "session" just me playin ' &  a  singin'

 As  I embark on my latest journey, I am excited to bring to the world my take on my  "Life As I See It" .

I will be traveling this great land, singing and playing these songs that seem to arrive out of nowhere. I don't  plan to write them, they just sort of show up.  I just hope  others can see a little of themselves in my words.

My CD  or  Digital download is available for sale at  the  Store on this site , on cdbaby , Amazon  & ITUNES.  I hope you enjoy it !!!